There are different methods to send me your audio files or sessions to be able to make your mix more easily in protools sessions or audio files:

  • In the case of sending “protools” sessions, make sure to process your midi files and convert them into audio, because normally in your DAW you will have plugins that I don’t have.
  • then clean up your audio files so that your project doesn’t weigh so much. (I recommend you make a copy of your session and in that copy do the cleaning process so as not to lose any audio.
    if you work in another DAW than protool, consolidate the audio from start to finish in your session and then export it in wave format. (preferably 24 Bits / 48 Khz or Higher).
  • Compress your audio files in zip or rar format and send the information by wetransfer.

Audio engineering costs vary depending on the complexity of your project, including the number of tracks to be mixed.